Full-stack developer

Welcome, I'm Elijah.

A developer based out of Milwaukee building complete applications for a wide variety of businesses.



Project involved a large pre-existing codebase and team of developers. Hired to improve the design of and finish building out multiple site sections (/checkout, /account, /labs/std, /providers & more).

eCommerce clothing

Storkies Merch

Frontend made with NextJS. Utilizes the Shopify Storefront API for eCommerce. Node backend for uploading and processing photos utilized in collages across the site.

Cannabis Distributor

DistroAve Lounge

Built a dashboard for the display of cannabis strains & relevant facts/stats for a distributor in California. Includes an admin dashboard for adding/managing strains, and a Node server.

Finance Influencers

Alpha Social Group

Built for a social media marketing firm within the finance space. Used the Twitter/X API to display top-performing tweets from their accounts.

Diagnostics Company

TurnKey Diagnostics

Basic informational website created for a diagnostics company. Utilized Wordpress as a headless CMS for blog posts.